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James Off Stage

Fighting & Intimacy

   James began studying fight choreography in 2021 with Matt Hawkins. Since then, he has served as an Assistant Fight Choreographer and Fight Captain on multiple productions.

   His main concentrations so far have been single sword and unarmed combat, but he is always eager for the opportunity to study more. 

    He is a strong advocate for Intimacy Choreography in theatre, and is currently training with IDC's certification program

CYRANO Fight Sequence
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Fight Sequence from CYRANO

Assistant Fight Choreographer and Fight Captain

An Old Family Recipe Trailer
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An Old Family Recipe Trailer

Assistant Director


   Throughout 2020 and 2021, James worked as Assistant Director on An Old Family Recipe, a fully-produced, original filmed musical. This experience opened up his eyes to an area of theatre he is desperate to keep exploring. He has now taken multiple directing courses and always takes careful notes from every new director he meets. 


   James worked in Notre Dame's Scene Shop throughout college. While there, he helped construct and strike the sets for every show the department produced. He is professionally trained in shop safety, multiple power tools, electric saws, and hanging/striking lights.

Shown on the right is a fun BeReal of James in the shop!

(Although if you hire him he promises not to be on his phone at work.)


Eleven Months of Nuclear Summer

World Premiere, Produced by Platform


   He is the Co-Founder of Platform, an experimental production company dedicated to creating original art that pushes new online mediums. There he has produced, workshopped, stage-managed, and performed for multiple original, innovative works. His favorite projects are a full-length live hybrid play, and a live-streamed performance in which the live audience chat influenced the story.

" The sword fights in this show are breathtaking in their realism, with no stiffness in the actors’ movements or emotions as they flow through the choreography. "

- Ayden Kowalski

" A naturalistic performance by the Platform production company

lends the characters authenticity and dimension."

- Amy Lenkiewicz

" Demand to see the show has been so great that yesterday’s show

was added to the lineup in response. Tickets for that additional show

went on sale Monday at noon and sold out within 15 minutes."

- Claire Reid

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